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DEPRESSION: The Whole Truth (Vimeo streaming)

DEPRESSION: The Whole Truth (Vimeo streaming)

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ENTER YOUR EMAIL TO GET ACCESS CODE TO STREAMING VIDEO. This 5 hour documentary explores, in great depth, the clinical, spiritual and societal dimensions of the current depression epidemic. Backed by interviews with clinical psychologists, a geneticist, famed exorcist, Fr Andrea Fortea, “Return to Order “ author, John Horvat-II , Dr. Keith Campbell, co-author of the national bestseller: “The Narcissistic Epidemic,” and Robert Whitaker author of “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” this documentary explores depression and anxiety disorders in a most profound way; the findings will baffle you; the conclusions unsettle you, but still, the documentary is filled with hope. Despite a CDC 2010 report documenting a 400% jump in the use of antidepressants between 1998 and 2008, Dr. Bissonnette’s investigation digs deep into the spiritual dimension of this crisis, only after having exhausted the medical and psychological theories. What is going on ? Be ready to be shocked and to initiate changes that could very well change the very fabric of American society. This documentary will be available as a streaming video starting APRIL 28, 2019


    This beautiful documentary was written, filmed and produced by Our Lady's Tears Productions in collaboration with Saint Jude Nutrition Medical Communications. The narrative emphasizes the importance of purity, confession and prayer in helping a soul resist the attractions of the world which invariably lead to depression, anxiety and hopelessness


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